Welcome to Epiphany Season

Have you ever heard of The 12 Magical Nights – in Germany known and celebrated as „Rauhnächte“? There are many beautiful traditions and rituals for each of the 12 Nights which I would love to share with you. 

It is a wonderful way and time to look inside, close the year and get ready for the new one.

The time between Christmas and Epiphany, also known as The 12 Magical Nights or The 12 Holy Nights, provide an inspiring opportunity to start the New Year with revitalised consciousness and enthusiasm.

It is the perfect time for reflection and reconnection with our spiritual selves.

What is this all about?

The 12 Magical Nights are from 25th December (starting at midnight from the 24th to the 25th) until 6th of January.

The traditions derive from old Germanic tribes whose moon calendar had 354 days seeing Christmas as the start of the new year. This is why until today the time between Christmas and Epiphany is also referred to as “the time between the years”. It also makes the 12 nights the difference to the 365 days solar calendar that we know.

According to the mythology these 12 nights are a period during which natural forces are suspended and the gates to the spiritual world are wide open. People believe(d) that ghosts and spirits (good and bad) have access to our world and so do we to theirs.

Back then people used to smudge their homes to cleanse the energy, to ward off evil spirits and to invite blessings into their spaces and lives. Another ritual was to use Tarot and Oracle cards to foresee the future.

Let us be inspired by this Germanic mythology and enchanted by the 12 Nights using them as a time to reflect, release, cleanse, find closure and make space for something new – for what is really meant for us.

This is your magical Me-Time

Each Magical Night corresponds to the the month of the new year, hence the 1st Night => January, the 2nd Night => February and so forth. This gives you the chance to consciously manifest your hearts‘ desires and direct where your energies should flow to in the next year.

What you experience, sense and perceive during the Magical Days & Nights gives you an insight into that corresponding month of the new year, into what you can expect and what will be present for you.

The 12 Magical Nights have such a high-quality energy that they can support change and healing. To make the best of it I encourage you to schedule Me-Time in your calender on each of the 12 Nights. Follow some of the old and new traditions & rituals to get where you want to be in 2024!

I have created a Guide & Workbook for The 12 Magical Nights. It provides you with all the information you need to take full advantage of this enchanting time of the year. Here you will find details and step by step instructions for the most important rituals, the meaning behind each night with recommendations, journal impulses, dream diary, etc.

You will gain

  • More Selflove
  • Sometimes surprising (self-)realizations
  • More mindfulness
  • More awareness
  • More time and compassion for yourself
  • More selfcare
  • Closure
  • Space for what is really meant for you
  • Connection to your intuition & your heart
  • More goal orientation
  • More creativity
  • More empowerment
  • Reconnection to your spiritual self
  • More enthusiasm
  • And what you make of it…

Get your Guide & Workbook!

I am celebrating The 12 Magical Nights for many years. You truly feel the energies and the reconnection. This time has always been giving me so much that I am beyond happy to share this with you now.

If you are interested in getting The 12 Nights Guide & Workbook to end this year in peace with yourself & others and embrace the blessings of the year to come – contact me to get your copy and more information.

Should you be interested to join an In-Person Workshop by the Beach in Lagos/Portugal or an Online Workshop to guide you through it, get in touch with me! And for further inspiration follow me on Instagram.

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